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EKU Language GuideLanguage Guide

The EKU Language Guide (2019) can help you speak and write authentically, positively and passionately about the University. Use the guide to inform your communication, and you’re sure to have an impact and uphold EKU’s values.

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EKU Visual Identity GuideVisual Identity Guide

EKU Visual Identity Guide (2018) outlines the proper usage of EKU visual assets, including official colors, logos, wordmarks, seal, fonts, stationery, and secondary graphics.

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EKU Web Accessibility GuideWeb Accessibility Guide

EKU Web Accessibility Guide (2018) outlines the provides best tips and strategies to ensure your website content is accessible as required by federal law.

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EKU Campus Event Promotion Quick GuideCampus Event Promotion Guide

Are you hosting a campus event? Looking for ideas and tips to promote it across and beyond campus? The Campus Event Promotion Quick Guide (2021) offers ideas to help you reach your intended audience and get the most engagement out of your event.

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EKU Primary Logo

EKU Primary Logo

As the visual mark most closely associated with Eastern Kentucky University, the Primary EKU Logo is the preferred logo for usage in all external (ads, publications) and most internal university communications. The logo stands alone as a simple, powerful image. No other icon or graphic element should be used with the logo.

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Department/Program Logo

A full directory of department and program logos are available at the link below.

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Don't see your department or program logo at the link above? Submit a design request so we can create one for your department or program.

Campus Photo ResourcesTwo women standing in the Ravine at EKU

A collection of EKU photos is available at the link below:

Campus Access Photos