Project Requests

After submitting a project request, a project manager from our team will contact you to conduct further assessment.

I need some assistance in planning an event on campus.

I need help with ads, brochures, flyers, social media graphics, postcards or University-approved logos.
I need professional photos taken of people, programs or University events.
I need to order printed materials. (Note: You will be redirected to EKU Printing Services' site.)
I need a professional video or broadcasting services to promote my program or record an event.
I need access, training or something else related to my office/organization's website.
social media text with heart and thumbs up icon
I would like to submit content to be considered for the University's main social media channels.
advertising tile
I need help with digital advertising to reach targeted audiences and support University initiatives, events, and more.
I need marketing and communications help but I'm not sure what category my request falls in.