License Types

Whether you are a University employee looking to buy promotional items or a business that wants to manufacture EKU-branded swag, here’s what you need to know about the various license types:

Internal Campus Supplier

A business holding an Internal Campus Supplier license can produce products for on-campus offices, departments and organizations. These products are for internal use only – they cannot be resold, given away, or used for fundraising purposes. They are not subject to royalty fees.

If you’re a University employee who needs promotional items, you can quickly and easily search for authorized suppliers on IMG College Licensing’s Licensee Search page. Want have your item created locally? Richmond-based vendors Surge!, Purdy Embroidery and Screen Printing and First Gear are among those that hold an Internal Campus Supplier license. A full list of current Internal Campus Supplier licensees is available for download here.

More information about becoming an Internal Campus Supplier is available at the IMG College Licensing page.

Local License

The Local License allows businesses located in Kentucky to produce and sell products bearing EKU trademarks, which can be resold within the state. Local licensees may sell items to third-party retailers, directly to consumers through their own channels, or to University departments for internal use. Royalties are collected on retail sales. The Local License gives vendors the same benefits as the Internal Campus Supplier license, with the added benefit of distributing EKU-branded products through Kentucky retailers.

For more on where to buy EKU goods in Richmond, check out the EKU Products page.

More information about attaining a Local License is available at the IMG College Licensing page.

Other License Types

Additional license types include a Crafter's License, which is intended for small shops that generate less than $2,500 in sales per year. A Standard License is for larger shops that produce licensed items in large quantities for retail sale. More information about license types is available from the IMG College Licensing page.

I'm a business owner. How do I get licensed?

Visit the IMG college licensing page to apply, or to learn more about the process. Becoming an Eastern Kentucky University licensee is your key to the Colonel community, home to more than 16,000 current students and hundreds of thousands of passionate family members, fans, alumni and community supporters.

I’m a University employee. Why should I use a licensee for my project?

All EKU products should be approved through Communications & Brand Management and licensed properly for branding and inventory purposes. A licensed vendor will submit the product for approval, which ensures all products follow branding guidelines, uphold the University’s reputation, and it allows the University to collect royalties when applicable.

The process is simple:

  • You provide a design for a product to the licensee, or work with the licensee to create a new design.
  • The licensee uploads the design and a product rendering to IMG College Licensing’s database.
  • The design is automatically sent to EKU’s Office of Communications and Brand Management for approval prior to production.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the Visual Identity Guide, and feel free to consult with the Office of Communications and Brand Management about your design prior to ordering your product. Doing so will make it more likely your design is approved.

If the design is denied, the Department of Communications and Brand Management will provide instructions on how to make it compliant with the University’s trademark rules and brand guidelines. More often than not, changes are minor and simple.