Fundraising and Student Groups

Want to sell EKU-branded gear to raise money for a good cause? Or are you a member of a student organization that wants to make promotional items? Here’s what you need to know:


If you are purchasing EKU gear to sell or auction for a fundraiser, contact the EKU Official Bookstore powered by Barnes & Noble. The EKU Bookstore is recommended by EKU and IMG College Licensing as the sole producer of fundraising items.

The bookstore has partnered with Promoversity and IgniteCX to make fundraising campaigns fast and easy. These platforms allow you to create a professional web presence, make eye-catching swag designs, and manage your campaign from start to finish. You can:

  • Easily design swag using official University branding elements (if applicable — see Student Groups/Organizations below for restrictions).
  • Automatically request licensing approval from the Office of Communications and Brand Management.
  • Create a website to tell your story through text, photo, video and more.
  • Easily create, sell and track orders online.
  • Manage your inventory and produce only the number of items you’ve sold.

Ready to get started? Contact the EKU Bookstore at 859-622-2696

Student Groups/Organizations

If a student group is selling items that promote their organization, they must purchase from an IMG Internal Campus Supplier or Local License holder. Student groups wishing to purchase items for fundraisers should contact the official EKU Official Bookstore.

Please note that in most cases, student organizations are not able to use the University’s trademarked logos and wordmarks in their designs. Student organizations are classified as one of four types:

  • RSO: Registered Student Organization
  • NSO: Non-Sponsored Student Organization
  • VSO: Volunteer Student Organization
  • SSO: Sponsored Student Organization

Official EKU logos and wordmarks are permitted for use only by SSOs and in cases where the student organization officially represents the University at an event or competition. For each student organization design submitted for licensing, contact information and a use case for the design should be provided. Each use case will be assessed by EKU for a licensing decision. Although RSOs, NSOs, and VSOs may not use EKU’s registered marks for promotional items, they are free to create designs using ‘EKU,’ ‘Eastern Kentucky University,’ ‘Colonels’ and other commonly used verbiage in plain text. This allows these organizations more freedom when designing their items. However, any design referencing the University should still be submitted to the Department of Communications and Brand Management for approval.

Please contact the Office of Student Life and First-Year Experience for clarification of your student organization designation. Need guidance on a design? Contact the Department of Communications and Brand Management.