Design Request

The creative team at EKU Communications and Brand Management can help you make eye-catching and effective ads, brochures, flyers, and graphics, as well as provide University-approved logos to use on social media and printed materials. 

Answering these questions will help us understand the project goals and establish direction of the project. Completion of the form below should take 5-10 minutes and allow us to accommodate requests or assign to a contractor as appropriate. Requests will be fulfilled based on staff availability and project priority.

NOTE: Projects not directly related to student recruitment, retention, or graduation will be assigned to a contractor at cost to the requesting department.

Please provide a short, descriptive name for your project. For example: "EKU Aviation Booklet" or "Green Dot Social Media Graphic."

For which department/college/organization is this project?

Provide a general description of your project.

If you have attachments, please include them here. 

What outcomes are you expecting from this project? What do you want your audience to do? 

Who will have final approval of the project, budget, etc.?


NOTE: Your project request will be submitted to the Office of Communications and Brand Management for review. Submission through this form does not guarantee the project will be accepted. If you'd like a simple brochure, flyer, social media graphic or postcard, check out our do-it-yourself templates at