Pokémon Go @ EKU

Pokémon have taken over the Campus Beautiful. Pokémon are popping up everywhere. Did you know EKU has 20+ PokéStops? 

We want to provide Colonel trainers the best tips and resources for a successful and safe hunt. Here you can find a list and map of PokéStops, Gyms, and other helpful tips!

Share your Pokémon with us using the hashtag #PokemonEKU. Have fun and catch 'em all!

EKU Pokémon Go Map

EKU PokéStops

  • "The Campus Beautiful" - sign by the Coates Building
  • African American One Room Schoolhouse Sign
  • Baptist Student Center
  • Blanton House 
  • Business and Technology Center
  • Catholic Campus Ministry
  • Central University - plaque by the University Building
  • Charles Douglas Whitlock Plaque
  • Daniel Boone Statue
  • EKU Firefighters Memorial
  • EKU sign @ Bypass and Lancaster intersection
  • Hummel Planetarium
  • Irvine McDowell Park
  • Irvinton House Museum
  • Jefferson Statue
  • John Grant Crabbe Library
  • Low Pay High Expectations Sign
  • Madison Co. Plane Crash Memorial
  • Miller Hall
  • Science Hall Memorial - Memorial Science Building
  • Smith Park Observatory - near the Dizney Building
  • The Centennial Statue at EKU - by the Powell Building
  • The Ravine - sign across from Daniel Boone
  • U.S. Depository Library


To see more photos, check out the #PokemonEKU Facebook Album. 

EKU Gyms

  • Center for the Arts
  • Commonwealth of KY Dept of Criminal Justice Training
  • EKU Chi Alpha House
  • North Water Tower (Whitlock)
  • South Water Tower (Tennis Courts)
  • Lancaster Pedway
  • Powell Fountain

Popular Richmond Locations

  • Cafe Meeples
  • Purdys Coffee
  • Madison County Courthouse
  • Madison County Library
  • Downtown Churches


  1. Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Keep your heads up, Colonels!

  2. Obey traffic signs and use crosswalks.

  3. Do not play while driving.

  4. Stay hydrated.

  5. Be respectful of others. 

  6. Play in well-lit and well-traveled areas.  If something or someone looks out of place, contact the EKU Police Department immediately by calling 622-1111 or via the LiveSafe mobile app.

  7. If the Pokémon appears in an unsafe area (i.e. railroad tracks, middle of the street, inside a power substation, across a fence, etc.), do not retrieve them. 

EKU’s LiveSafe mobile app enables you to connect and share information directly to EKU Police. 

Get the App

  1. Download "LiveSafe" for free from Google Play or the App Store.

  2. Register, fill out your profile, and verify your account.

  3. Select "Eastern Kentucky University."


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